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Magic Shroom Store UK is not a corporation, it’s a community, where patients can connect with mycologists, the farmers and custodians of these sacred medicines. Patients can gain direct and safe access to now decriminalized medicine in the time of a global pandemic and an unprecedented mental health crisis facing our community.  
    UK’s Psychedelic Community has existed for decades, however without a hippie cousin or friend in the know, many UK residents have no way of accessing or obtaining this now decriminalized medicine. Growing your own medicine is simply not a possibility for some due to their health, or housing situation, lease restrictions or other factors. This means they must get their medicine from someplace else. Many people are unable to drive and without delivery may not have a way to get their medicine. Buy Magic Mushrooms Online Shipping UK. was founded in Farnham UK and we now deliver to all UK residents, nature is not against the law, many of these sacred mushrooms are found growing naturally in and around the Huron River watershed in USA. People have an inalienable right to access natural medicine to heal themselves, their families and their communities! We are developing a safer way to do this.

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